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Different Inspiration

Many years of work behind the drums and many years of listening have produced this first method of mine.

This volume stems from the need to collect some of my ideas and to make them available to all young and older musicians, and to all who love Funk and Fusion (and not only) in the direction of improving their drumming.

The book is a theme method and it is divided into two parts: the first one, the more generic one (Chapters I - II - III - IV), focuses on the development of Paradiddles, their combinations, Son and Rumba claves and their applications, which are essential and unavoidable studies for who wants to approach to Funk. In the second part, the more advanced one (Chapters V - VI), the student can find many ideas and machineries about how to build a groove or a fill that can be applied to Funk and Fusion starting from the concept of linear Phrasing (hands and feet joints without the overlap on any notes). In this way, the student will be able to bring freshness and innovation to his own rhythmic phrases.

I am glad to present, with this method, some useful systems in order to develop creativity above all. Knowledge and use of the metronome and of the Counting System will allow the student to achieve mastery of the time signature, certainty of the movement where he/she is inside the bar, and greater precision.

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